Sunday June 29th      
  ...Busting media lies  


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Everybody knows Al Gore won Florida.

"But the media tells me Bush still won," you protest.

Well, all I can tell you is the overwhelming pattern of evidence suggests Bush "won" only through irregularities, strategic voting hindrances, illegal ballots, intimidation, collusion, obstruction, and a little help from five pals on the Supreme Court.

To those who may have visited this site over the past year - I thank you. Please note that this site has not been updated since December of last year. A lot has happened since then, during which I have accumulated thousands of documents. The main thing I had been waiting on before revising this site was the release of the Consortium data, so I can cross-check it with what I do know. Today (11-12-01) the data has been released and results seem to bear out a Gore win, although of course the media has been spinning it so as not to conclusively declare that he did win.

Tentative new release date for my major site revision will be November 30th. Until then, I recommend the following excellent sites, especially to those who are curious as to what the NORC results show:,,,,

Also, you are quite welcome to click the headings to the left to see the original entries, although be forewarned many of the links have broken by this time. Thanks again and see you soon!



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